Emergency telephone

Keeping campus safe


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2020 Campus Security Annual Report

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New mobile parking app

你现在可以使用非接触式应用程序来支付每天或每周的校园停车费用. Download the free HonkMobile app from the AppStore or Google Play, and pay for parking directly from your phone. 该应用程序提供远程提醒,可以增加停车时间,而无需返回车辆.

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UVic SafetyApp

Stay Safe. Get the UVic SafetyApp. The new UVic SafetyApp is now live!


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Emergency poster

What to do in an emergency

访问应急计划网站,为处理从威胁行为到医疗紧急情况等各种紧急情况做好准备, earthquakes to building fires—just in case.

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Woman paying for parking

Parking on campus

白天许可证的分配器便利地分布在环路外的所有编号地段, including the Ian Stewart Complex lot. Read about our parking rates.

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Campus Security Services


校园保安是OG真人App下载的一项服务,og真人新版APP下载的保安人员是OG真人App下载的雇员. og真人新版APP下载提供24/7/365的校园服务,可以通过250721 -7599OG真人App下载.

og真人新版APP下载的角色是协助校园社区,确保校园尽可能安全. Security Officers patrol the campus on foot, 骑自行车和有明显标志的安全车辆,对任何有关或可疑情况的求助作出响应. 所有的官员都很高兴帮助寻找校园资源和信息和方向或进入og真人新版APP下载的建筑. 如果有需要,警察也会帮助你解决任何安全问题, 警官将协助您联系警方或其他紧急服务.

og真人新版APP下载的校园保安是一个多元化的员工群体,他们来自不同的文化和经验, whose main purpose is to support the students, employees, visitors and even our furry and feathered friends on campus.

校园保安在校园提供其他服务,如急救响应, personal safety support and advice, parking services, emergency planning programs and training, lost and found and motor pool vehicle rental.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training do Campus Security Officers have?

所有人员都通过了省的认证和执照,并接受了基本的安全培训,许多人还接受了高级安全培训. 保安人员接受有关精神健康等主题的持续培训, crisis intervention and de-escalation, applied suicide intervention skills training, indigenous cultural acumen training, sexualized violence prevention and response, medical response including occupational first aid level 2, CPR, AED, both injectable and nasal naloxone, epi-pen, conflict resolution, anti-racism, trauma informed practice and response and other courses. This training is ongoing and refreshed as appropriate and required.

Why do Campus Security Officers wear uniforms?

og真人新版APP下载的保安人员穿着制服,所以他们很容易被识别和识别为大学的代表, both for safety and security purposes. 制服的颜色和风格与其他急救人员一致.


Our Security Officers carry a radio, keys to campus buildings, a notebook, flashlight, 手套和口罩用于医疗紧急情况,纳洛酮用于过量情况.

Are Security Officers the same as Police?

No, Campus Security Officers are not police or special constables. og真人新版APP下载的官员是OG真人App下载的员工,他们的任务是保护og真人新版APP下载的大学社区和财产安全. 因此,他们被授权维护大学的许多政策和程序.

Why are Saanich and Oak Bay Police and Fire on campus sometimes?

OG真人App下载校园由警察和消防部门提供服务,因为校园属于萨尼奇和橡树湾市的管辖范围. 这些部门会在有需要时到校园为og真人新版APP下载的社区和保安员提供协助. 他们还进行消防检查、例行巡逻和交通执法.

Why do people contact Campus Security?

People may call Campus Security for many reasons such as:

  • Requesting access into a room or building
  • A lost and found inquiry
  • Personal safety advice
  • Questions about parking
  • 举报财产被盗或举报可疑的人或事.


The officer will ask your name, V号和联系电话号码(以防通话中断或需要跟进).

准备好告诉对方你的位置以及你所关心或要求的性质, 为了让调度员能够快速确定紧急情况并对其他打进来的电话进行分类.

For example, 这可能听起来像“我打电话来请求进入我的办公室,因为我被锁在外面了”或“我注意到有人在潜艇附近的自行车架附近徘徊,我认为他们可能想偷一辆”。.

访问请求可能导致一名官员在该地点会见该人员, 要求查看身份证明以确认身份并提供访问权限.


Security Officer Accountability


Any concerns or comments from the community can be sent be via our feedback form or directed to Campus Security management (securitymgr@theresabane.com).

安全官员也由不列颠哥伦比亚省颁发执照,有关问题可通过联系公共安全部和治安和社区安全处副检察长来解决, Programs and Police Technology Division.

If you would like independent assistance with your concern, 请致电(250)721-8357或ombuddy@uvic与OG真人App下载申诉专员办公室联络.ca. Information about this Office is available here: http://uvicombudsperson.ca/.

Does UVic have a safety app?


  • UVic SafetyApp是一种通过手机接收学校紧急通知的新方式.
  • 在一个地方找到重要的安全信息、联系方式、地图和程序!
  • It’s free to download at the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • In your app settings, 确保你允许通知被“启用”,以便通过应用程序接收紧急通知.

 For more information please go UVic Alerts page.